Night Terrors: The Beginning App Reviews

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“Device not supported” with an 8+... defunct godaddy support website. At least it was free.

Doesn’t work with IPhone 8

Says it’s compatible with any phone 5 and up but I have and iPhone 8 and cannot access the game. Super disappointed...


When I open the app it tells me that the device I use does not have the processing power only 5s and above are compatible I have an iPhone 8.....

Wheres the actual game?!

Hello, im giving this a 1 star review because we need the real night terrors game where you get the full experience not the “beginning” its been forever and we still don't have the full game plus when you play this game it last 7 minutes and its over. Please make the full game and release it, im tired of the same thing happening over and over again. At least make it so theres no time limit.

Device not supported

Stupid thing says device not supported. Says IPhone 5s or higher supported and I have an 8🤬 Not happy!

iPhone X Not Supported!?!

Can’t even see if this game is worth downloading because the X isn’t even supported.

Doesn’t work for iPhone X

Stopped working the day I got my iPhone X saying that it didn’t support Augmented Reality. I find this hilarious because the iPhone X is made for augmented reality. Please update this app so I can give it a proper rating. :)


Does not support the latest iPhone, At all.

Doesn’t work on iPhone 8plus

Since I got an iPhone 8plus, the app won’t load and tells me that my device is not “advanced” enough?? FIX IT PLEASE, I WANT TO PLAY.

What a filthy lie

This says it supports iPhone 5S or higher. I own an iPhone X and it dares to say device not supported...

“Requires advanced processing” lol. iPhone X not supported

Upon launching the app, I’m immediately presented with a prompt telling me that my device is not supported, and something to the effect of “augmenting your home requires advanced processing”. I guess I’ll have to trade my iPhone X for an iPhone 5.


The program doesn’t work at all on my iPhone X. I get the error device not supported. I can find no assistance on the Internet and the support button in the App Store takes me to a domain that does not exist. If anyone else has had that experience please make a comment on the App Store so that I may correct this issue and get the game to work.

When is this game coming for iPhone X?

It says my device is not supported. I have the iPhone X 😞

Device not supported

I have the iPhone X. I was very eager to try this game but it tells me my device isn’t supported. Very disappointed

App not working with iPhone 8plus

Funny.. doesn’t work and says it need a more advanced device..

Does not play on 8+

Please fix this compatibility issue


Apparently iPhone 5s can handle it, but not the X.....because according to the little message, it requires advanced processing.......

No support for iPhone 8 or X

Doesn’t work on new phones I’ve tested on both my 8 and X

Truly a terrifying experience!

I have shown this app to multiple people, and they’ve all thought it was terrifying! Basically it’s a camera that distorts reality and plays scary sounds, and it’s definitely the most terrifying in the dark with headphones. Every time you play it, you’ll get different jumpscares, so you’re in for a new scare every time (^O^)Great app! This is the type of game that would also be awesome in virtual reality xD

Doesn’t work on iPhone 8

Anyone on iPhone 8plus having problems using this app?

Night terror

Love the game got a new phone it will not work on the iphone x

iPhone X

Doesn’t work for iPhone X, says it is “unsupported.”

IPhone 8

Not supported on the iPhone 8 😩😩

Dont bother

They haven't updated the game with the full version and haven't been responding to complaints waste of time. Would have been awesome but they ruined it.

Requires advanced technology to perform AR

Apparently a no go on the iPhone X.... seems logical

DOES NOT support iPhone X!!!

This is AR game and DOES NOT support iPhone X?!! 👎👎

I want a refund

I payed the price when it first came out and I want my money back

Not worth it

Not worth it. It tried it out, search my house and all I saw was this silly skeleton.

Won’t play

It won’t even play on my phone and this is an iPhone 8. But before I downloaded it, it says it works on this phone. I just opened it and it said the device is not supported. Only iPhone 5s and up is. I have an iPhone 5s but it won’t even download the game...... Please fix this. Thank you.

Great for a teaser

The game has a lot of potential and I downloaded this knowing full well that it is not a full game but a small beta test if you will. I experienced no bugs aside from audio continuing after it was over. The scares did what I expected they waited for me to turn the corner before jumping( I literally sat around the corner listening to the monsters before moveing reason being 50% to test it and 50% cause I was too scared) I have followed this project on kickstarter after hearing about it on the radio and there is still a whole lot of stuff to add and work out bugs with the full version. So keeping in mind this is a “Teaser” of the actual game to come out it is very good or at the least keeps me coming back to check on their progress. Update: after playing a couple of times I have figured out that the logo that appears just before the trial is up does not just appear but follows you. My first run I heard a noise and spun 180 to see the logo on my second run through I did not do this and only caught a glimpse of it from the side of the screen in various places and finally caught it when I turned quickly to catch it after the third glimpse. I do believe it was following me.

iPhone X... device not supported - too weak?

Haha. The error message displayed is augmenting your home requires advanced performance hardware and that this device can’t do it. Update your software people

Definite Potential

I loved it! Several flaws and such that need to be worked out, but it was definitely a lot of fun. And I hurt my toe running from something before remembering it wasn’t actually there!

device not supported on 8plus!

error on 8plus: device not supported !!!! why?!!!! 😐😐😐 i install it twice and every time i got the above error! 😕🤯

Made me get scared in daylight

Wow good job but please add more stuff soon after a while you know what happens next

Good for the heart

I have been watching the development of this game for a long time. I absolutely love it.

I love it, but....

I played this on my old phone. Now I have an iphone8 and it tells me “device not supported. This only works on iPhone5 and up.” This is a game I’ve been so excited to play on my new phone and desperately waiting for any new updates. I will still be desperately waiting for this game to work on my phone because it’s THAT good.

I like it but...

I really like this app. I only wish that you can record the videos you take so you can share with friends and social media. Pretty scary though.

Needs More

As a person who loves all things horror, I had high hopes for this game. The advertisements are nothing like the actual gameplay. There are only a couple “jump scares”, which are not very realistic. The screen glitches should welcome things popping up in your face. The whole game is mainly just sounds.. doesn’t really augment your reality too well. There was nothing that messed with the environment and it was really disappointing.


Def. enjoyed the app; Gave me jumps & tingles down my spine & I did it during broad daylight 😂 For sure would recommend


Fix please!!!!!

Doesn’t work with the iPhone 8 plus

I have a brand new phone and it’s telling me that my device is not supported. I was really excited to play this but instead I was let down by the inaccuracies of this app. Upd 10/26 - even with this most recent game update, my phone is still “not supported”. Any idea when this will be corrected? I’m really excited to start playing this game!

iPhone 8 not supported????

I start the app and it says can't play cause device is not supported?


I bought this game more than a year ago and they said they would have a big update which never came. Now after waiting for more than a year they added... (drum roll) a spider... big disappointment. honestly they had such an amazing idea to make this game and they never finished it. This absolutely feels like a huge scam. They literally took the money and disappeared. But if this isn’t a scam, if they really are serious about making this game then I want to know what happened instead of just keeping us in the dark. This can be an amazing game, but it is not. Don’t waste your money on this.


If ye have an iPhone 8/plus, and likely the forthcoming iPhone X, then skip this. I tried to launch it, and I got an error saying my device wasn’t support. Apparently, the iPhone 8 and above aren’t powerful enough to do AR, or so the app claims. It’s a shame, really. I’ve been meaning to play this game but have never had the time. Now, I probably never will. I think the devs have forgotten about this game.

iPhone 8 Plus - device not supported?

On the technical side, this experience is really well done... on devices it is compatible with. Unfortunately, it doesn't like my iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 11.0.3 and I get a big red screen stating "device not supported". The perfect introduction to this app as I tried to show it off to friends and... device not supported.

This game doesn’t work on iphone8

I keep getting a popup stating device is not supported and cannot get in game

Does not support iPhone 8

Please please PLEASE, make this work on iPhone 8!!

iOS Huge problem

Ok so I got the iPhone 8plus and now your app is not compatible with it. iOS 11 will not work with this game! Since Apple’s focus is on AR with this release, it’s ironic that your game doesn’t function, c’mon guys. Please update your fan base here or on Instagram or your website or someplace because I have contacted all and have gotten no response. I loved your game when it first came out, and have supported your kickstarter when you had it please don’t give up on this. My rating will change when either some news is given or you fix it so I can play it again. Thank you

Can’t wait for more!

I read all the naysay reviews here and have to say to them, hang on the best is yet to come. Awesome effects and hope there is more to come. Won’t need to go to haunted houses this Halloween, I can haunt my own with this. Hope the rest is as great as this sample we get. Very Innovative!! Please give us more!!! Can not wait!!!!

Won’t work on 8 plus

I JUST got an 8plus and excited to see about playing with friends and nope. Keep getting a screen that says it doesn’t support my device. Funny part is it says on this screen it does haha. Lame.

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