Night Terrors: The Beginning App Reviews

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Not compatible

This app is not compatible with the iPhone 8 Plus. Please fix this

Device not supported?

I have an IPhone X and it says my device isn’t supported, every after 5S, well this is..? Umm okay..

iPhone 8 support?

Apparently my phone isn’t up to par to run this app. I only have an iPhone 8. I guess I need an iPhone 5.

Doesn’t work

I downloaded this for my iPhone X and when I open the app it says that my device is not supported. Yet the App Store says it works with my device and that it requires iOS 9.5 or newer and I am running 11.2.5. What gives?

Not compatible

The app says my device is not supported. Only iPhone 5s and above support it and I am using an iPhone 8 Plus

Not working on iPhone 8+. Worked on my 7+

Not working on the iPhone 8+

Does not work on phone

I have an iPhone 8 and it’s not been working it’s says device not supported this needs to be fixed


Search internet for cool augmented reality games discover NIGHT TERRORS watch a couple vids to assure quality Go to app store Download Finish installing Click game only to find out you need an iphone 5 or higher but that moment when you have an iphone 8.....fix yo sh*t

Nothing pops up

No jump scares. No figures. Just my flash light flashing on and off. Come on now.

Scary terryfying game

Some of the things scared the living crap out of me and me me jump a lot nice work on this app I love it keep up the good work on this game once my phone charges more I will use it in my room at night to see how truelly terrifying this game really can be.

Unable to get in (I have an iPhone 7)

The game looks good, but is says that it’s fixed. When I try to get in, it says my isn’t phone supported.

iPhone 8 Plus not supported?!?!

How dumb. I backed the kickstarter and was supposed to get a copy for doing so, but still had to pay. Now that I have, I cannot use it because my phone is too new? The company seems to have imploded.

Is the game dead?

No word from developer in months. Website no longer up. It’s a shame, there was so much potential here. It was a blast to play.

Don’t Work🙁

This game does not work on my iphone 8. The message appears “DEVICE NOT SUPPORTED”. Please fix it 🙏🏼

Doesn’t support iPhone 8

I have an iPhone 8, and when I open the app it says “sorry, device not supported. You need powerful processing power to use this app. iPhone 5 or newer.” Well, having an A11 Bionic processor, which is far more powerful than the A6 chip in the iPhone 5 I’m kinda confused. Please fix the app, I’d really love to play it.

Device not supported

I downloaded the game and it keeps saying It doesn’t support my device and that it only supports devices 5s and up and I have a 8 plus.


Downloaded this and it said my device is not supported, it only supports 5s and up....which is interesting cuz I have an 8+. Shame. I was excited!

Device not supported iPhone 8 Plus

Please fix


I have an iPhone X and it doesn’t work. It says my device is not supported when it clearly says in the description it’s compatible with my device.

Please update

Please make it compatible for the newer iPhones! This is a fun game to kill time

Full version

Guys, keep your heads up because I’m pretty sure that they have made or are gonna make a full version!


I am, in fact, excited for this app to progress. The perspective of actually being in those scenarios is amazing and I love the fact that I can do it from the comfort of my home. I love the fact that it makes you look around and interact with your surrounding. However, I will say this, the option to just hold your phone should be present. I get scared very easily and I couldn’t find any head phones so the jump scares were wasted, but I can tell that this game can and will amount to way more than previewed. I’m excited to see how far we can get. Maybe even throw in some physics so it can register your hand and make the “ghosts” move able. Like, if the ball of light is bouncing around, have us be able to manipulate it in VR. And maybe have it turn into something gross so you wouldn’t have to completely render it all. But this app just need some tlc and time. I can’t wait to see what is done to it!!!!

Night Terror

Every time I download the app, an error shows up saying it does not support my device. I have an iPhone X.


Best game in the world

iPhone X??

How is iPhone X not supported? “This game requires intense processing. iPhone 5s and above/iTouch 6th gen”. Makes no sense.


This app is dope

iPhone 8???

I have an iPhone 8 and it says it’s not supported?

Not compatible with new iPhone

Does not work for IPhone X it says it’s not supported. I hope it gets fixed so I can try out the game myself

Can’t even run it

Claims that iPhone 5s and above support it and that it needs advanced processing. I own an iPhone X and the app isn’t supported some how. The phone that has the best augmentation compared to other iPhones.

Dosent run

I bought the app not to long ago but when I tried to run it on my iPhone 8 Plus it said the device was not supported

Could be better, but....

The premise of the game is great. I did only see the spider and skeleton. I am sure that you are still working on it. I cannot wait to see more. Thanks

I feel like this could become something really amazing

Would play again!

iPhone x

Why is the app not compatible with Iphone x???


Cool interesting. Walked around for awhile trying to see what can find. Needs to be longer especially when your enjoying it


Error with iPhone 8

iPhone 8

Doesn’t support iPhone 8

not supported?

it looks like a great game and i just downloaded it but it’s saying that my device is not supported. it says iPhone 5s and later only works. I have an iPhone 7+? sooo how’s that work?

Best app ever when is the full features coming out

Best coolest game ever

No iPhone X support

Are you kidding me? My 6s plus ran this. But it says my iPhone X isn’t powerful enough. Obviously this isn’t true. When the developers add the phone support, I’ll redo this review. Otherwise and interesting use for AR. And a very solid execution

Sheet me pents

This gav me du spooks su bad me i sheeted all over me pents u know its scarry wen i sheet me pents but this game gav me more spooks thn me shrting me pents☠️🎃

Locked out of the app

Even after the update, I’m still locked out of the app because apparently my iPhone 8 Plus isn’t “compatible” with the game. Also wondering why it still says the last update was 7 minutes ago

Device not supported

I downloaded this game on my iPhone X, and I got the “Device not supported” screen.

iPhone 8 not supported

I had this game on my iPhone 6s and enjoyed it a lot but when I downloaded it on my new iPhone 8 it’s says that my device is not supported because it requires a powerful processor and can only be used on iPhone 5s and above but that’s bs because like I said I have the iPhone 8 which is obviously more powerful than the iPhone 5s

Won’t work on iPhone 8

I bought the game a while back, but now I have an iPhone 8 and it keeps telling me that my phone can’t handle the game although an iPhone 5s can?

I love it

This is way scarier than slender man! You Made a really Great Job! But can you please fix the skeleton? Whenever it pops up to Jumpscare its up on the ceiling.can you fix that? (I played from iPad)

What is up with this??

I have an iPhone 8 and the game told me that my device wasn't supported because the game only works on 5s and above. Lol.

So far so good.

It’s such a fun and exciting app. If you like to get scared this is a great app for that. I can’t wait to see what else can be done with the app

Not working...

When I downloaded, I checked the comparability. It said my phone was compatible. Once it finished downloading, I opened the app and it said my device was not compatible because it lacks an advanced processor needed for the app to function. Mind you that I have an X.

Not supported

I have an iPhone X and apparently it’s not supported😂

Doesn’t work on iPhone X. Device not “advanced” enough 😒

Doesn’t work on iPhone X. Device not “advanced” enough 😒. Says the message.

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