Night Terrors: The Beginning App Reviews

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Says only supports iPhone 5s and up

I’m using an iPhone X and it says not supported. Only iPhone5s and up.. lol

The future of horror gaming

Okay, so this experience is only slightly entertaining. It was a short free demo and would have gotten boring eventually. However, over time it feels immersive. Being in a familiar place makes it surreal. Headphones are an absolute must for this

Won’t work on iPhone 8

App says device not supported, need iPhone 5S or above. I have a brand new 8, clearly have stopped updating their app

iPhone X not supported

This app locks out iPhone X saying not supported.

iPhone X

Is this going to be available for the iPhone X?


It says it can’t support my device!? It’s not up to date? It’s an iphoneX nice job on the horrible execution on such a neat idea!


My phone is 8 plus and it won’t work

Needs to update

I loved this game when it first came out but know I have an iPhone X and i am unable to play it now so please update

Update Supporting Devices

Needs to be optimized for iPhone X

Paid supporter

I paid to be a beta tester when it was just starting out. Always had fun playing it. I got the new iPhone 8 Plus and when I go to open it it says “not supported on your device. Only works on 5 s and up.” There is no button that will allow me to submit his bug so I’m leaving his review In hopes the developer will notice and help me.

What’s the problem?

I have an iPhone X and it says it’s compatible in the description but when I download it and start it up it says my device isn’t compatible.

iPhone X

Doesn’t work on iPhone X. Really looking forward to this release.

Support more iPhones!!

I am only giving this app one star because it is not supported on iPhone X. I have been waiting on this app forever but so disappointed its not supported on iPhone X. I know its only a beta so I am keeping it downloaded in hopes iPhone X will be supported!!

Device Not Supported

I have an iPhone x and it said that it only supported 5s and above, which my phone obviously is.

Does NOT work for iPhone 8 Plus (please fix)

So I wanted to try this game as it looked really fun, plus it says my device works, but when I open it it just says device not supported. Please fix!!!

iPhone X

Have an iPhone X , can’t play this . Apparently the X isn’t powerful enough to augment my home 😂

Iphone 5s and above it “says” not!

I have an iPhone 8 and it says not supported! How disappointing

If you like to be scared, put on the ear phones!

Nice I like watch other people get scared too.

Device Not Supported

"iPhone 5s and above supported" *has an iPhone 8*

Device not supported?

I have a fully updated iPhone 8. Says it’s not supported

Not what I was expecting.

When the app first came out, I was so excited to play it. I had gotten this when it was free for a short time but couldn’t use it yet. When I upgraded my iPhone I downloaded from the cloud immediately and played it the following night (kidding, played it first thing I got it ). Anyway, a few minutes in and I’m really bored. Not only were the visuals lame, but they were lacking depth and design. Audio was a-okay. There is no girl to save, not like in the trailer. I still enjoyed the overall experience. 3 out of 5.

IPhone X not supported

The game won’t even start. It says my device is not supported because AR requires advance processing. Specifically states IPhone 5s or higher, but IPhone X not supported.

Thinks I’m on a device older than iPhone 5s

I just downloaded this and once I open it it says device not supported. Must have iPhone 5S or later.

Great Concept

This game has a lot of potential in the future.

Device not supported

Can’t play. Game told me iPhone 8 was not supported even though App Store said it was.

Device not supported...

Every time I download this app I can’t get past the “this device not supported” and then it lists the parameters for what this app needs to function... I have an iPhone X. Is it because I have an X or because this app is poorly developed?

Nice concept but it can get better

Tried numerous times at night at my house: hallway, rooms etc. Screen flickers from time to time, some sound effects to add suspense... THAT'S ALL! Nothing else happens, if the purpose of the "game" is too give you the felling that something's gonna pop on the screen but it never does, then we'll done. Should play this for more than 20 minutes for more action? Cause it's not gonna happen!


Can’t use the app

Won’t work

I can’t play. I’m on iPhone 8 and it says device not supported

Good potential.

Pretty good. Could definitely use improvements, but I see it getting there.

No iPhone X compatibility

I can play on iPad but literally the mother of all iPhones can’t play this game? I’m disappointed. Gave 4 stars because I know it’s an update away but UPDATE NOW! Lol. Seems awesome. Too scared to play on my large iPad!


So...Apple X, nothing...”not compatible”...this put it lightly, disappointed

Please fix this issue

So I have an iPhone 8 and I opened the app and it says that this device isn't compatible it says it works for iPhone 5s and up but I have an 8 so I'm confused as to why it won't work

iPhone 8 support?

Was really excited after seeing videos about this game... would love to see it updated so that it would work with iPhone 8 or newer!

This could be five star

I’m sad because every time I open this app and walk around with no light no jump scares happen please explain this

I’m confused?

I was looking forward to playing this game but every time I open it it says I have to have an iPhone5s or up. That makes sense, but I have an iPhone8, so I don’t understand why it’s not working? I can only assume this is a bug so I’d be great full if this issue was fixed in a later update.

Does not work

When I open the app on an iPhone X I get a message that says it requires an iPhone 5S and above... I’m sorry, what?

Not supported

Had the app on my iPhone 6, Never really worked around my house. Upgraded my phone to the X and now it won’t even work. Great concept, I was so excited hearing about it. Not as good as what it could potentially be.


I got this game today and I got scared to death! Looks like I can’t sleep for the rest of day tonight!

Error occurred

Why this game doesn't open on my phone?i have 8+

Doesn’t work with the iPhone 8 plus

I have a brand new phone and it’s telling me that my device is not supported. I was really excited to play this but instead I was let down by the inaccuracies of this app. Upd 10/26 - even with this most recent game update, my phone is still “not supported”. Any idea when this will be corrected? I’m really excited to start playing this game! Upd 2/25 - still doesn’t work and no feedback from the developer on when this will be corrected

Iphone x not supported

Why Iphone x not supported

Says it isn’t supported on IPhone 8

Won’t work on iPhone 8.

Not compatible

This app is not compatible with the iPhone 8 Plus. Please fix this

Device not supported?

I have an IPhone X and it says my device isn’t supported, every after 5S, well this is..? Umm okay..

iPhone 8 support?

Apparently my phone isn’t up to par to run this app. I only have an iPhone 8. I guess I need an iPhone 5.

Doesn’t work

I downloaded this for my iPhone X and when I open the app it says that my device is not supported. Yet the App Store says it works with my device and that it requires iOS 9.5 or newer and I am running 11.2.5. What gives?

Not compatible

The app says my device is not supported. Only iPhone 5s and above support it and I am using an iPhone 8 Plus

Not working on iPhone 8+. Worked on my 7+

Not working on the iPhone 8+

Does not work on phone

I have an iPhone 8 and it’s not been working it’s says device not supported this needs to be fixed

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